The Best Synthetic Turf Options for Las Vegas Homes

The Best Synthetic Turf Options for Las Vegas Homes

The Best Synthetic Turf Options for Las Vegas HomesNatural grass looks lush and fresh, but keeping it alive in the heat of the desert is no easy task. Luckily, synthetic grass is a popular alternative. Not all synthetic turf is alike, so read our guide below to learn which types of artificial grass do best in Nevada's climate. If you're thinking about installing synthetic turf in Las Vegas or the surrounding areas, contact Peabody Construction LLC for the best landscape designers in town.


Nylon turf is one of the best options for hot climates. It has a melting point of around 460 degrees Fahrenheit, and its color won't fade due to its UV resistance. As one of the most durable synthetic turfs on the market, you can be assured your yard will last for years. Keep in mind there are some drawbacks to nylon turf. It is the most expensive material available and can be abrasive when coming into contact with clothing and skin, making it a poor choice for physical activities.


Because its appearance is so similar to real grass, polyethylene turf works well for all types of landscape designs, such as play areas and entire yards. Polyethylene has a high resistance to water absorption, meaning it won't trap odors when your pets use it to do their business. However, polyethylene grass is more prone to fade and requires extra UV protection to prevent it from becoming brittle.


If an economical price is what you're after, then polypropylene turf is the most budget-friendly option. The downside to the low price point is its likelihood to melt in high temperatures, making it less than ideal for Las Vegas weather. Polypropylene turf is better suited for smaller spaces rather than an entire yard.

Professional Turf Installation in Las Vegas

When you're ready to update your yard with synthetic turf or other landscaping, leave it to the professionals. At Peabody Construction LLC, we have the know-how to create exactly what you want. If you are in Las Vegas or the surrounding areas, give Peabody Construction a call at (702) 842-9623.

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Posted: November 2021

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