Give Your Yard a New Look This Summer

Landscaping Ideas for Grassless Yards

Maintaining a lush, green yard in sun-drenched Las Vegas is no easy task. Many people are opting for grassless and low-maintenance yards. Read below for some new ideas on how to create an inviting yard without a typical lawn. If you'd prefer a professional to do the job, give Peabody Construction LLC in Las Vegas a call for beautiful landscape design.

Drought-Tolerant Yards

Who doesn't want to lower their water bill? By designing a landscape made for a dry climate, you can save money and the environment. Known as xeriscaping, this type of landscaping uses plants that thrive in the environment they are planted in with little maintenance and watering. For Las Vegas weather, start with planting cacti. These spiky additions flourish under hot and dry conditions. Succulents are also a perfect addition that doesn't require much water. If you have patios or pathways, fill in the space with pebbles or stones.

Yards With Unhealthy Soil

When a yard lacks nutrient-rich soil, it can be difficult to grow anything. But there are several plants that succeed even when the soil is poor. Lenten roses are wild-looking flowers that grow in a variety of vibrant pinks, purples, yellows, greens, and blues. They can reach up to two feet in height and prefer a combination of sun and shade. Lenten roses thrive in heat, drought, and humidity. Another sun lover is the Gaillardia Fanfare. Its colors are similar to a brilliant sunset, and it can also grow up to two feet high. These flowers do well in pots or as borders. If you're looking for green groundcover, add periwinkle. These plants grow up to one foot tall and produce tiny, blue flowers. They are ideal for keeping weed growth at bay.

Professional Landscape Design in Las Vegas

When you're ready to update your backyard with professional landscaping, leave it to the professionals. At Peabody Construction LLC, we have the know-how to create exactly what you want. If you are in Las Vegas or the surrounding areas, give Peabody Construction a call at (702) 842-9623.

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Posted: September 2021

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